Will Artificial Intelligence Take My PT Job?

In short, No. Artificial intelligence cannot take your PT job.

As a matter of fact, Physical Therapists who us artificial intelligence to screen their patients for future falls risk will identify MORE patients who NEED physical therapy.

More testing = More physical therapy

Our crystal ball is no better than yours but, if we’re correct, the VisualPT.ai mobile app allow PTs to…

  • test and screen for falls risk more frequently
  • catch more at-risk patients BEFORE they fall
  • and identify more people who need PT.
  • Drive the Medical Necessity (fancy language alert!) for physical therapy – basically, this is just what payors, like Medicare, make us write down so they’ll pay.

But first, we need to train the AI algorithm to identify patients at-risk for a fall.

We are training the AI to help us conduct the CTSIB test (click below to join the Data Collection Experience):

What is the CTSIB?

The Clinical Test of Sensory Integration and Balance (CTSIB) was developed by Shumway-Cook in 1986 as a pen-and-paper version of the Sensory Organization Test (SOT).

The SOT is a test that requires expensive force plates and a computerized system. The one pictured here costs $87,000 and takes 20 minutes to complete the CTSIB.

Note: This is NOT a screening test. It’s a good tool, tho – if you have $87k.

expensive status quo CTSIB testing equipment

Several different computerized systems are available and not all cost as much as this one.

But, they all do cost at least several thousand dollars (~$5,000).

Our goal with the VisualPT.ai AI algorithm is to build an inexpensive tool that works from your smart phone or tablet.

More screening, more testing and more identification of at-risk patients means more physical therapy and more physical therapy jobs.

Oh, and by-the-way, more testing means more and better physical therapy for your patients.

Validating the AI Algorithm

Left to right: STATIC balance, TRUNK SWAY, LEG SWAY, back to STATIC balance

“Save 5 Clicks and 5 minutes of PT note writing”

Question: Why Test Every Visit?

Answer: So you don’t have to write so many notes!

With automated test results every visit (just like blood pressure at your family physician!) you’ll have DATA for your Daily Note. Also, your

  • Progress Note,
  • Re-Evaluation and
  • Discharge Note

…will be much easier with daily data.

The CTSIB test results will print or get uploaded to your EMR automatically.

Text snippets will be automatically generated that summarize the test results that you can copy-and-paste or upload into your Daily Notes.

Can AI-generated Text Snippets be used as PT Documentation?


Examination: Includes data obtained from the history, systems review, and tests and measures.

Evaluation: Evaluation is a thought process that may not include formal documentation.

It may include documentation of the assessment of the data collected in the examination and identification of problems pertinent to patient/client management.


So, the FORM of the documentation is not set in statute (or, even in industry ‘best practice’) – which is a ‘YES’ for AI-generated text snippets.

You use the camera every day for fun and time-saving tasks – you couldn’t imagine life without your mobile phone.

Now, you won’t be able to imagine your PT job without using your HIPAA-compliant VisualPT.ai Computer Vision tool to measure your patient.

Testing is essential to diagnosis; it’s an important part of the Initial Evaluation, routine Progress Notes and the final Discharge Note.

  • But, testing is time-consuming.
  • Testing takes time away from treatment.
  • Patients don’t see the benefit of testing.
  • Some PTs aren’t aware that you can bill for testing.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that could, in just a few minutes, gather all your data, crunch the numbers and spit out the results for you and the patient to see?

You would have more time to treat your patient.

Train the AI algorithm

I don’t know about your algorithm, but our Artificial Intelligence is just a dumb algorithm.

It’s like a little baby.

Our baby Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs training.

We have created a PT Student Data Collection Experience in AI that will give Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students a data collection experience using the VisualPT.ai mobile app in a classroom setting.

Below are some of the Data Validation training videos:

Training Videos

Train the AI – a stable, balanced person

Train the AI – detect trunk sway; left sidebending

Train the AI: How the AI Data Collector gives commands

Train the AI -Trunk Sway vs. Spinal Scoliosis

Train the AI – Progress from Trunk Sway to Foot Movement

Train the AI – right trunk sidebending

Train the AI – Static trunk balance

Train the AI – Healthy Test Subjects