Virtual Student Data Collection Experience

A Capstone Project in Artificial Intelligence

Physical therapists are building a new suite of AI tools we will use to diagnose and treat movement impairment dysfunctions and functional limitations.

5 images of a ai vector model with a whitewash filter
5 images of an AI vector model with a whitewash filter

Join the team of to help us collect enough human movement data to train an AI to understand human movement data.

You will enhance your PT skills by training the algorithm in these 3 tests:

  • The Clinical Test of Sensory integration and Balance (CTSIB)
  • The Berg Balance Scale
  • 10 meter Gait Velocity

Rapid video collection

Cameras in the PT clinic can aid the capture of human movement data.

Artificial Intelligence analysis

Physical therapists can augment the prediction of people who may fall down.

Fall Risk Reduction

Enhanced reporting of commonly used PT tests and measures.