The Physical Therapists’ Tricorder

A computer vision tool using your mobile device to gather functional movement data on PT patients.

Our new AI algorithm will help the PT analyze the patients’ movement so the PT can work with their patient rather than spend time gathering data.

“Let PTs Treat People, Let Machines Gather Data”

We’re training the worlds’ first handheld computer vision tool for the outpatient physical therapy clinic.

A camera in your phone – like Dr. McCoy on Star Trek – why wouldn’t an AI-enhanced Physical Therapist use computer vision in 2024 to analyze human movement?

The images below show subjects training the new, Machine Learning algorithm for the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration & Balance (CTSIB).

A student volunteer collect test data at South U using the mobile app. will predict the risk of falling down in older people who visit outpatient therapy clinics in under 3 minutes – much faster than unassisted pen-and-pencil methods today.

3 minutes – that’s how long the new computer vision tool needs to gather patient movement data.

This is much faster than the old, manual pen-and-paper method still being used in physical therapy clinics all over the United States and the world, today.

Training the AI/ML algorithm

Phase II data collection involves taking lots of tests of students in order to train the algorithm about human movement – in this case, we are training the AI to detect ‘Sway’ from ‘Static’ images that can detect a person at risk for a future fall with injury.

We’ve built the following test protocols in the mobile app:

  • The Clinical Test of Sensory Integration & Balance
  • The Berg Balance Scale
  • 10 meter Gait Velocity test

Virtual Student Data Collection Experience

The is partnering with schools and universities to provide a Virtual Data Collection Experience to Doctor of Physical Therapy students (as well as Physical Therapist Assistant students).

Your DPT and PTA students will participate with Machine Learning Engineers and Mobile App Designers to train the next generation of AI-augmented physical therapy tools.

Create the Future of Physical Therapy

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